What is Mentoring?   


Mentoring is sharing wisdom, skills, and experience and through this exchange making a difference in someone else's life.  A mentor is a voluntary guide or advisor.



Mentoring exists in every society, but has different faces. We all have memories of someone helping and encouraging us to do better, make decisions, or solve a problem. A mentor could be a teacher, a friend, or a coworker.  In some cultures, elders are seen as wise mentors


Year One

First year students that are residents of St. Joseph's college are automatically paired with the trained student mentor to help facilitate the transition into university life.

Year Two, Three and Four

Second, third and fourth year students can now join in the mentorship program. Mentors will develop skills in peer support, communication, leadership, and teamwork by being a mentor.

Anyone who completes the year as a mentor has the opportunity to receive a volunteer reference letter.