A crisis situation would be defined as:

  • Thoughts of suicide, or attempts at suicide or suicidal behaviours
  • Threat to use a weapon
  • Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Serious or persistent harassment
  • Threat of injury to self or others


If any of these situations arise, or any other, where the immediate safety of your mentee or others is at risk, please follow the crisis management procedure: 



Steps To Follow In the Event of a Crisis:


1. Stay calm and continue to use the tools for communication (empathy and listening).


 2. Do not leave the person alone.


3. If the person is in immediate danger please dial 911 or ambulance and then continue with the following steps.


4. If the person has expressed thoughts of suicide please IMMEDIATELY contact your emergency RLA on call. 


          A. For men’s residence the number is: 780-619-5637

          B. For women’s residence the number is: 780-940-3726


5. After speaking to the RLA on call please follow their instructions. 


6. You MUST also report this incident to Student Services within 24 hours.