Here is a printable version of the check lists so you can have it easily on hand if needed.
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The Fall:

The fall is a time for getting to know each other. This process can take a while, be patient!

It is a bit like "cold calling" in a sales environment as two new people are getting to know each other. This can be awkward at times. Try to be patient with the process, it will get easier.

The following are some suggested questions and topics for discussion for the first part of the year. Please don't feel you need to ask all these questions or in this order. This is purely suggestions:

Checklist for September to December:

September Check List:

  • Find out what the student mentee has done at school so far (for example: registration, orientation, and what happened when the student arrived on campus). 
  • Make sure the mentee knows their way around campus as well as Edmonton.
  • Have they found the nearest grocery store?
  • Do they need any help navigating transportation (busses and LRT)?
  • Tell the mentee about school events that are important for first year students.
  • Tell the mentee about why you were interested in mentoring.
  • Inquire as to why the mentee chose their particular field of study and briefly share your general opinions about your program of study.
  • Provide mentee with your contact information and availability and later follow up with an email.
  • Inform your mentee about the next social and ask whether the mentee would like to meet you there.
  • Establishment of the routine (days and times) and method of communication.

More September Questions:

  • How was your first week of classes?
  • Has your loans come in (if you had any)?
  • How are your finances?
  • Have you met any new people?
  • Have you contacted any old friends?
  • Were you able to find all your classes ok?
  • Would you like someone to show you around campus?
  • Have you attended any events?
  • How have you been feeling? 

October Check List:

  • How are your classes going?
  • How are you liking campus?
  • How are you liking your professors?
  • Anything significant happen to you this month?
  • Have you gotten out and done anything non-academic?
  • Are you finding time to exercise?
  • How is money/finances?
  • How have you been feeling overall?
  • Is there anything I could help you with/support you on?

November Check List:

  • This can be a busy time of year for papers and exams. How is that going for you?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed at all? 
  • Have you been able to take time for yourself/breaks?
  • Have you continued to meet new people or spent time with friends you have made?


December Check List:

  • How has the last week been?
  • Are you planning to go home for Winter break?
  • How are you feeling about that?
  • How did the semester as a whole go for you?
  • What has been the best part of the year so far? Most challenging?
  • How have you been feeling?

The Winter:

This is the time of year where you may want to further explore goals and areas where the student mentee may need additional support.

The student has established themselves more solidly at the University at this point. Their questions regarding the practicality of university life will diminish but they may have increased questions regarding programs, finances, and academic support.

It is key that throughout the year you continue to provide ongoing community and relationship so as to combat isolation and loneliness that can occur as the year goes on.

At this point your mentee/mentor relationship should feel more natural. If you do not need to utilize the following check lists it is up to your discretion.

Checklist for January to May:

January Check List:

Did you end up going away over the holiday?

How was your time away?

How are your family dynamics?

How are you feeling about being back?

What classes are you registered in?

How do you feel about the work load?

Do you know any of your teachers?

February Check List:

How are you feeling?

Are you feeling lonely or isolated at all?

Is there any way I can support you right now?

How is life in residence?

Are you missing home at all?

How is your overall stress level?

Have you done anything fun lately?

Have you been to any social events?

Have you checked in with Campus Ministry regarding how the Mentorship is going (everyone needs to check in one-two times a year)

March Check List

How are you feeling?

Have you been able to take time for yourself (exercise, prayer, fun)?

How is your courses going?

Are you doing anything for March break?

Is there any way I can support you right now?

How are things with your family?

Are you meeting any new people?

How is your overall stress level?

Is University life what you expected?

Is there anything I can do to support you right now?

April Check List

How are you feeling?

Are you finding it manageable balancing life and school?

Are you able to take time to eat properly, exercise and study and do something fun for yourself?

How are your friends and living in residence?

Is there anything on your mind or anything I can support you with today?

How have you found the social events for the mentorship program?

May Check List

How are you doing?

What are your plans for summer?

Are you planning to work?

Are you coming back next year?

Would you ever consider the mentorship program as something to be involved in (as a Mentor)?

How is life overall?

How is your stress level?

Do you have many exams and big papers?

Are you able to find balance?

Is there anything I can do to support you right now?